Simple Yogic ways to detoxify your body at Home!

Simple Yogic ways to do indoor and outdoor to detoxify your body at home!

The key to body cleanse is the balance of the elements that our body is made of. Water, earth, air, fire and the sky. Bhuta in Sanskrit means Elements and Bhuta Shuddhi means cleansing of the elements.
Our physiology and psychology is accumulated from the outside world. In the process our very existence is neglected. To experience life in a way that it's devoid of the physical and free from the worldly noise starts from Bhuta Shuddhi. To be able to focus on our inner self and achieve a higher level of consciousness starts with strengthening and cleansing the very life making elements of our body. These fundamental building blocks when brought to their pure form leads us to ultimate wellbeing.

72% is water: Water, which is the most important element to design what we are. The way we approach water and treat water before we consume, makes a massive difference in the way we think, feel and experience life. Water should be stored in a metal container preferably, copper or an alloy of copper before its ingested by the body. Water when stored in a copper vessel not only purifies the water in the most natural way but also mildly infuses the copper element that is not synthesized by the body on its own. Copper water brings antioxidant and antibacterial properties that increase the immunity by five folds.

12% is earth: Just being in direct contact with the earth can make the body a lot more stable and balanced. Sitting in the park outside or your very garden or simply sleeping on the floor are quick and easy ways to begin the purification of the earth element in our body.

6 % is air: Only 1% of the air we breathe. Air is affected by intentions, emotions and thoughts surrounding it. It is therefore essential to be exposed in air that is devoid of any negative energy, its purity and nature. Going to the river side, climbing the mountain, going for a swim enhances fitness, your body and mind function differently and above all you are in direct touch with the Creator's Creation!

4% is fire: If we can control the kind of fire that burns within us, leave behind fire of greed, fire or resentment, fire of hatred, and choose to burn fire of love & fire of compassion, we are inarguably taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing.

With consistent and everyday practices of near purification of all the elements of nature we can clearly see the difference in the physical psychological and the very existence of our wellbeing.